Harshita + Pradeep || A Beautiful 2 States Wedding ||

January 1, 2018

We have covered so many weddings and each one left us with a different kind of experience. Harshita +Pradeep’s wedding was a one of a kind that we could cherish for many more years to come. Here goes the story –

Pradeep – Typical South Indian guy from a Tamil family. While Harshita is from an orthodox Telugu Brahmin family. Pradeep met her at the workplace and he exclaimed that it was a ‘love at first sight’ for him the moment he saw Harshita. “Her Big beautiful eyes was a huge turn on factor for me“, Pradeep admits. He took 6 months to gather all the strength to propose Harshita and it is expected that so much of homework on knowing your girl cannot go wrong. Harshita took some time to think but had to submit to Pradeep wholeheartedly for his relentless pursuit of true love.

Usually, these kinds of love stories always end up in a long resistance from parents but for this couple, it was not much of struggle before they could get them convinced. What more can we expect that a Wedding ceremony filled with celebrations and festivities to see this beautiful couple graduating in their relationship to become a Husband & Wife?


A glimpse at few pictures of their wedding through the lens of Weddingscapes Team.


At Weddingscapes, we are always on toes to get the best images made from your Wedding and it keeps us elated everytime our uncompromised efforts are appreciated. Thank you Harshita & Pradeep for the nice words and the wonderful opportunity to cover your Wedding.  As we close on this blog, We all wish you a very ‘happily ever after’ kind of married life.

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