Kaushik + Javi – The Vedic Wedding !

Kaushik + Javi – The Vedic Wedding !

The Vedic Wedding !!!

Groom from India – Bride from West Indies – love in the USA – Marriage in India. The story of a transnational marriage in a complete Vedic Style.

Dressed in the traditional attire of Hindu Marriage culture, both Kaushik and Javi showed the world that love is divine and culture is just a barrier.

Vedic Marriage visualises marriage as a union of two souls. Accordingly, Vedicsciolists have devised the procedure of marriage in very explicit and instructive manner.
Each step in Vedic marriage is symbolic as well as thought provoking.
The Bride & Bride Groom escorted by parents appear before the audience.

The Bride exchanges garlands with the bridegroom.
Bride along with her parents welcome the groom and his family.
The Bride offers a seat to the groom. Water to wash feet and hands, water to sip & finally offers MADHUPARKA ( Mixture of Ghee, Curd & Honey) as it symbolises their married life shall be as Vigorous as Ghee, as cool as the curd and as sweet as the Honey!!!

vedic marriages


The parents of bride holds her right palm on that of bride groom reciting “O, Bride groom, accept the bride mentioning her name & gothra in your marital life with joy. The Bride Groom utters the words “ Yes, I gladly accept her”.

vedic marriages


The Bride & Groom pray the god then ignite the sacred fire amidst chanting vedic verses invoking blessings from bounties of Nature, Enlighted People and almighty God.

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PANI (HAND) GRAHAN (CLASPING) which is also called Hasthabandhan is the hand clasping the right palm of the bride takes six pledges in the auspicious moments before the sacred fire and invitees.

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The Brides brother will place the foot of the bride on a stone and the groom utters the mantra asking the bride to be strong & bold in their married life, like a Rock/Stone.

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Bride & Groom together offer roasted paddy to the sacred fire.
The Bride & the Groom walk around the Agnikund.

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The Bride Groom applies vermilion (Sindoor) KUMKUM on forehead of the bride at the spot of parting hair assuming that he will take care of her in all aspects. The Bride groom motheror sister binds together the two corners of the apparel of both bride & groom. This is a symbolic gesture that both remain united for the whole life. This is also named as conjugal tie of the couple.

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SAPTAPADI (Seven Steps with Vow)

The Bride & Groom together takes seven steps for acquiring food, power, wealth, happiness, good progeny, seasonal equipment and close union.

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Arundathi star is shown to the bride and Dhruva star is shown to bride groom.


The Bride Groom Adorns/Ties the MANGALA SUTRA around the neck of the bride.


mangalyam, vedic weddings,


The Newly weds are blessed by all the elders/Invitees. Everyone present showers AKSHAT on the couple by reciting” OM SOWBHAGYAMASTHU-OM SHUBHAMBHAVATU”

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