Vani & Vivek – TWO States – TWO Countries

Vani & Vivek – TWO States – TWO Countries

A Heart full Love Marriage

[ Vani & Vivek ]

The Intro.

Location: Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, AUS  |  Date: 25-10-2014

Blue jeans, yellow shirt, luggage, back pack and a yoga mat. Wait…YOGA MAT!!!!!!??/?/?/?? Did she bring a yoga mat all the way from India to Australia!!! Is she crazy!! Vivek had a bewildered look on his face when he saw the Yoga Mat hanging on the backpack of Srivani and so did Srivani sport the same look when she saw him wear a sweat shirt in summer. SWEATSHIRT in summer!!! Crazy guy….

Both had the same thought on their mind. Each one of them thought the other was crazy, but hiding their intentions they exchanged greetings with a big smile. Vivek came down to receive Srivani on behalf of his friend. And this is where their journey started.

Receiving a hungry lady at Airport, Vivek drove her to Pancake parlor only to get the second shock of his life. Srivani offered to pay the bill thinking it would not be appropriate to ask him to pay. Now he was cent percent sure, she was the craziest girl he ever met. Asking her to pay him later, he paid the bill and they moved on.

Days turned into months and occasionally they met now and then along with their other friends. They came to know each other well by now. Both are from the city of pearls Hyderabad, India, but Srivani was a Kanadiga while Vivek was a Telugu guy. Not sure if Srivani ever paid him back her meal amount at Pancake Parlor, but a year later she got ill and was admitted in hospital. When she was asked to call someone, she knew well, Vivek’s phone rang again. Meanwhile at hospital they asked her about the relationship between them. And that’s when she thought… who is he?? and why did I call him? And like a heroine in a romantic Indian movie, Srivani lost in thoughts thinking about vivek and realized that she is in Love with him. The doctors were confused with her behavior as she was not responding to their questions. After sometime, their problem solved in the form of Vivek. Clad in… don’t know what he was wearing, but seeing Vivek Srivani’s eyes filled with Joy. The next few days, Vivek took full care of her. His care depicted the scene from Cocktail movie where Saif Ali Khan takes care of Deepika Padukone after she came back from hospital. Oh yea, here’s a background song too…

“Oh dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gootkun, gutkun..
Kar saayi naal sabak wafa da padhe saayi pir mereya” (meaning below)

like a dove’s call, with every breath
my heart echoes
and reads the lesson of love

The Proposal

Location: Melbourne Airport, Australia  |  Date: 20-10-2015

Finally, when the song was done, Srivani took the daring step and she finally proposed to Vivek, who off course stepped back a little (he is the hero of our story, hero’s don’t accept immediately), hesitated, little confused which dint last long.… and he to concurred after all he too had some and same feelings for her.

The Marriage

Location: Subham Convention Center, Hyd-IND  |  Date: 01-03-2017

Well after love its marriage right!! With no objections from parents, the two birds flew to India from Australia to tie the knot and love each other for the rest of their life.

The function was a sprawling hall with magnificent lightning and decor which was a boon for us. The stage itself was a visual treat. Being a Brahmin wedding, the stage was decorated in the most traditional way.

Clad in a yellow silk Saree with pink border and pink blouse, with an ethnic head chain, antique jewellery, the bride looked gorgeous. Her eyes consisted of that raw emotion along with humor and playfulness that never seemed to escape.

The groom:- From the words of the bride, very helpful and humble, does he look like that!! Oh yea, he is indeed, he is a happy go person…


Tears roll out when one is either happy or sad, but this is the only such occasion called appagintalu (Telugu) or beelkodige (Kannada) when the two moods clash head on head.. happy to get married and start a new life, but sad to leave the home where you grew up under the love and watchful eye of your parents. But yea, this is life… a life filled with emotional bonding….






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    • M Raghunath
    • April 17, 2017
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    A very nice and lively coverage of a beautiful relationship from its beginning as it developed and as it stands today.
    The excellent photographs are the virtual action replays of the wonderful moments and events that have unfolded till date.

    wish Vivek and Srivani a very long, happy, healthy, enjoyable and productive married life and all the very best as a couple made for each other.

    Heart Congratulations to Sudhakar and his team for an extraordinary job done exceedingly well.

      • Sudhakar Bichali
      • April 24, 2017
      • Reply
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      Thank you for such lovely words!!!

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