We hear a lot about the word ‘Globalization’. Does it mean sharing best technologies and business synergies across the countries? Does it mean outsourcing an entire business unit to be operated from other corner of the world? Or Does is simply mean being able to stay connected to your people, your source data, you customers, Read more ..

Lamha + Akshay Traditions play a very important role in Indian Weddings. Rituals and customs fill those colors in the ceremonies for which Indian weddings are known for. When that is combined with family bonds, you don’t even feel like an outsider… the next few days were no less than a roller coaster. Starting from Read more ..

HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH MILKY WAY IN INDIA       10 years back when I started with photography, photos of Milkyway fascinated me. ” Is it for real because we dont see them in the urban areas”! It always made me think that Milkyway was not visible in India, but when I started studying about Read more ..

Intro It’s been 15 long years of wait for a travel photographer like me to get a product that satisfies the best of both the worlds (DSLRs and Mobility). Have had Canon 5d M3 as companion for documenting my work during my travel to entire southern stretch of South India. I have no complaints about Read more ..

Hampi is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra river. It is 353 km from Bangalore and 74 km away from Bellary. Hosapete (Hospet), 13 km away.The city of Vijayanagara was originally encompassed by seven lines of fortifications. These fortifications had a large number of bastions & gateways. The seventh & the innermost fortification enclosed Read more ..

The Vedic Wedding !!! Groom from India – Bride from West Indies – love in the USA – Marriage in India. The story of a transnational marriage in a complete Vedic Style. Dressed in the traditional attire of Hindu Marriage culture, both Kaushik and Javi showed the world that love is divine and culture is just Read more ..

A Heart full Love Marriage [ Vani & Vivek ] The Intro. Location: Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, AUS  |  Date: 25-10-2014 Blue jeans, yellow shirt, luggage, back pack and a yoga mat. Wait…YOGA MAT!!!!!!??/?/?/?? Did she bring a yoga mat all the way from India to Australia!!! Is she crazy!! Vivek had a bewildered look on Read more ..