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The Vedic Wedding !!! Groom from India – Bride from West Indies – love in the USA – Marriage in India. The story of a transnational marriage in a complete Vedic Style. Dressed in the traditional attire of Hindu Marriage culture, both Kaushik and Javi showed the world that love is divine and culture is just Read more ..

A Heart full Love Marriage [ Vani & Vivek ] The Intro. Location: Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, AUS  |  Date: 25-10-2014 Blue jeans, yellow shirt, luggage, back pack and a yoga mat. Wait…YOGA MAT!!!!!!??/?/?/?? Did she bring a yoga mat all the way from India to Australia!!! Is she crazy!! Vivek had a bewildered look on Read more ..

Pre Wedding Shoot at Ruins of Hampi ( The Vijayanagara Empire) It is true when they say, marriages are made in heaven. Perhaps, this belief makes a strong imprint in our hearts and minds when we get to meet this beautiful couple Mounika and Vikram. We witnessed love coming to life when we saw them Read more ..

“If something is meant to happen, it will happen. In the right time with the right person for the best reason” -Usha &  Naveen Right from liking profiles on matrimony site to family meetings in San Francisco & Los Angeles to an arranged marriage in India, their love and understanding for each other grew all Read more ..

|| Telugu Brahmin Wedding || An amazing experience of photographing the ritually rich Telugu Brahman wedding at Hyderabad. || Harsha + Sravani || Wedding Teaser The Photo Story — Harsh & Sravani Talambralu      

|| Destination Beach Wedding || Keerthana + Arvind ||     Weddings by SudhakarBichali Weddings by SudhakarBichali Weddings by SudhakarBichali Photography by Sudhakar Bichali

It’s not often I get to photograph Muslim weddings (just been busy with other weddings so far I guess), but when I do, my jaw drops every time! It’s a visual feast from the decor to the ‘red-carpet style’ garments and exquisite hair. Hazra and Raheem are so comfortable with each other and just as stylish as Read more ..

The Story of a Juvenile Love !!! Seventh grade to seven steps of life……………….